Switching from Mac to Windows

Mark Frauenfelder writes on BoingBoing…

“I do feel weird about it; it feels like switching political parties. I’ve been a loyal Mac user for almost 20 years. But in that time span, Windows has evolved into an excellent operating system. This, and the fact that Windows computers are much less expensive than Apple computers, is enough to put me in the Windows camp.”

Mark’s piece resonates with me, as my wife recently went through a somewhat similar experience. This past summer, my wife was in need of a new laptop, and we bought her a new MacBook Air. She had used a Chromebook exclusively for a number of years, along with a few middle-of-the-road laptops. She wanted a laptop that was fast, had great build quality, and would last for a long time.

She knew that she did not want another Chromebook, and she did not want another middle-of-the-road Dell or HP that she would just have to replace in a year or two. Longevity was the name of the game. We decided on a MacBook because we knew it could last a long time, based on the positive experience we had with our 2008 iMac. After all, even though it eventually became a glorified Chromebox, the thing still works 12 years later.

Much to my surprise, my beautiful wife used the MacBook for a few days and then returned it, instead opting for a Surface Laptop 3.

She vastly prefers the Surface Laptop’s hardware to that of the MacBook. She likes the 3:2 aspect ratio screen. She also likes the convenience of using Microsoft’s version of Face ID to unlock her laptop. I have not used her laptop other than to do the initial the security and privacy configuration, but judging by the build quality, I think the Surface Laptop will probably last just as long as the MacBook would have. Oh, and it actually has more than one usable USB port.

Hardware aside, probably the bigger deciding factor in her returning the MacBook in favor of the Surface Laptop was the operating system. Even though my wife is very familiar with using a Mac, having used Windows 10 for the last two years on her work issued laptop, her experience with the MacBook also made her realize that she now prefers Windows 10 over macOS. From a workflow perspective, with specific regards to the file system, she finds Windows just works better for her.

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